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Appreciating Your World !!

We have all experienced loss and regret in some form throughout our lives; that friendship you lost in elementary school, a time where you recognized you made the wrong decision, or letting an opportunity pass you by because you simply underestimated yourself. It is a lesson we will all have to learn no matter how it presents itself in our personal life; you won't appreciate what you have until it's gone, but what effort have you instilled to break this cycle? What about yourself? Believe that self-consideration can change the course of your life.

Our lives will not always be filled with moments to celebrate, we are humans and we do fall short of the mark sometimes, and that is okay. When that does happen, and we do not meet our own expectations, our minds quickly revert to a negative way of thinking, and it is easy to allow your thoughts to take control. This naturally will lead you to feel disappointed in yourself, ashamed of your performance, and re-power all your self-limiting beliefs.

At times like this it is crucial to remember that success in any aspect is obtained, and not given. It is important to learn to cheer yourself on, appreciate all that you are, and continue to work towards your goals. You must require yourself to be the one that pushes yourself to new limits, and tap into your inner strength to break any glass ceiling in front of you. As humans, just as we need love, and look for compassion for others, we need appreciation and praise; but now what if you could do those things for yourself? Appreciation is the fuel that keeps us moving forward. It is interdependent to motivation, and without it we will soon feel under accomplished or unseen by the ones included in our inner circle.

Altering your mindset and equipping yourself with affirmations, and positive self-image, will not only quickly break the cycle of defeat you might be feeling, but it will also trickle down to everyone connected to you in your world. The faster you are able to master shifting your perspective, the more powerful your impact will be in anything you choose to pursue. Remember that your relationship with yourself is a reflection of how you expect others to treat you, and this will be noticed. Treat yourself with the same regard you would to a child; when you fall, pick yourself back up, when you make a mistake, understand the underlying message and learn from it. Be thankful that you are able to wake up the next morning and give it all another try.

Take a moment to reflect, where would you be now if you stopped relying on praise from others, and gave that attention to yourself? What can you change now to become your #1 supporter?

iWill Team


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