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Embracing Fear !

As human beings the instinct of fear is meant to protect us from danger, but the way this emotion operates is fundamental in constraining us to our comfort zones. Our emotion of fear arises when we are in danger & also when a new opportunity is available to you. If you allow yourself to experience the emotion, fear is very similar to storytelling.

This idea was introduced by Karen Thompson walker , who suggested that you change your perspective and approach fear as a fictional projection of your future and use that as a tool in your present time to build the reality you desire.

Being able to visualize the worst-case scenario can be a powerful tool in identifying the core reasoning for your fear. Once you begin to identify, you can process further and ask yourself what can be done to prevent it? And if my worse case scenario was to take place , how could I repair this? Lastly write down what you could benefit if you attempted a partial success, and if no action is taken how will this affect your life short and long term?

Allowing fear to be present and regulating its purpose will open many doors of opportunity in your life. It is crucial while self-actualizing to adjust your perspective and understand that fear, in most cases, is only keeping you from learning something new. Begin to challenge your fears and reap the benefits of your risks !

Always show yourself love & gratitude, be dedicated to your purpose, & believe in your potential for excellence.



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