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Self-Actualization !

When you sit back and reflect on your life and your dreams, how are you different in every role that you play? Your self-image is the sum of the beliefs that you carry about yourself; while your ideal-self is the person you see when you imagine yourself achieving your most desired accomplishments. The ideal-self was a driving incentive in Abraham Maslow's development of the humanistic concept and motivational theory of psychology addressing one's hierarchy of needs. This theory states that an individual must satisfy basic needs and necessities in order to progress and attain self-actualization. you must possess your needs for survival, safety, love, and self-esteem in order to begin self-actualizing; soon to be at the state of your most potential. 

To begin this process you must honestly reflect on where you are in your life, and how different you are from your ideal-image. While self-actualizing you may begin as congruent or incongruent. Being congruent means your self-image is very similar to your ideal-self. These individuals often stem from nurturing homes and have supportive childhood memories, making self-actualization more achievable. When an individual shows less overlap between their self-image and ideal-self; the self actualizing becomes increasingly difficult. There are many reasons why your ideal self and your self-image may not align but your environment and those you allow in your proximity are major factors. Not everyone can meet all needs in order to self-actualize but people who do possess certain characteristics.

Here is a list of some of the characteristic

1. Are able to stay in the present and are comfortable with the unknown. 

2. Can see people for who they really are in the present. 

3. Uninhibited thoughts and actions. 

4. Humanitarian. 

5. Lighthearted.

6. Can be objective. 

7. Easily inspired. 

8. High regard for life’s experiences. 

9. Strong foundations in their relationships. 

10. Cherish their time alone. 

We wish anyone who chooses to begin their path to self-actualizing the strength to persevere, and we are inclined to remind you that self reflection and your understanding of your awareness are dire to your success. Give yourself the praise and recognition that you deserve, commend yourself for your progress, and make sure to plan ahead to decrease to probability of inconsistency.

~ All the best-iWill Team


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