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The First Step to True Self-Care

This is an article on self-care.

Lather your face with moisturizer and brush your teeth.

This is self-care--but only a mere fraction of the definition. This article isn’t so much on what self-care is as much as it is about creating a strong foundation for it -- going past the superficiality of what you see in magazines and ads. Self-care lies on knowing that you are worth caring for and isn’t dependent on what others think of you.

While doing small things for ourselves isn’t so difficult—whether due to being out of habit or just conforming to what is expected--what is defeating is grappling with the question, “Am I even worth it?” and the answer, “No, I’m not" especially when we believe this falsity to be true.

It then narrows down to us not caring for ourselves in an essential sense. While we may be doing self-care on a surface level, by dressing nicely, or getting that extra hour of sleep, the internalized negativity runs counter to that practice.

I’d argue the first tenet to true self-care is knowing YOU ARE WORTH IT. Even though one may find certain life experiences and society contradicting this notion, asserting your self-worth from within is what will draw new, affirming life experiences to you.

How that works is you’ll have the internal confidence to manage external situations with grace.

How can we begin caring for ourselves internally?

Start by telling yourself 33 times a day, “I am worth it. I am worthy.” Repeat this declaration.

At first you might have resistance to the messaging, but within two weeks-time you will notice the difference. This simple practice is a powerful tool in reprogramming your subconscious; an often overlooked yet integral component in effecting our self-perception.

If you would, try it out and please share with me your experiences. At first, it won’t be the panacea for everything, but is a powerful tool in shifting our self-perception and ability to truly care for ourselves.

In the coming weeks I’ll follow up with another article. Let the journey begin!

Farrah Andican is a writer and like every human possesses varied life experiences. Within the span of her career she has trained therapists, probation officers, IT professionals, teachers and other individuals of various backgrounds on diverse topics, among them Self-Care. She enjoys connecting with and learning from others.

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