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Boost Your Brain Power !!

It is extremely important to recognize the power a single thought holds. Your brain is a muscle organ designed to shape its development through your experiences. Your mind was made to protect you. When an individual allows their mind to accept negative thoughts about themselves, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate thoughts from the individual's true character.

Reflection is the most significant practice you can adapt to strengthen your mind. Allow yourself to notice when a negative thought arises and take time to understand what past experience could be holding your mind to these negative thoughts. Onceyou begin to see the connections between negative thoughts and past experiences, you can better see that your morals, core values, and thoughts are in disconnect. Practicing reflection to combat negative thoughts will retrain your mind to create positive thoughts and in turn positive experiences and ultimately shift your attitude.

Once you begin to consciously become more aware of your mind's thoughts, and you reflect on those experiences that they are tied to, you must replace the negative thought with a positive one. Redirect your mind by instilling an affirmation. Replace your negative thoughts with one of gratitude to yourself. This practice will begin to reshape the way your brain processes the information it receives.

A great way to encourage positive thinking is by repeating 5 affirmations to yourself as part of your morning routine. This will consciously bring you to a more positive attitude to start your day. Use your method of meditation to guide you to your awareness. This will help your subconscious differentiate between the negative self-image created by your mind and your true self. While you meditate consciously choose to release your self-limiting beliefs and implement your affirmations.


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