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Master Your Emotional intelligence !

Being self-aware & emotionally intelligent are interdependent by nature, and allow you to be sensitive to your environment and how you communicate with others. Self awareness stems from your moral compass & intuition, as well as how you handle your distressing emotions. Emotional intelligence is being able to recognize and identify what you are feeling, Understanding what led you to feel that way, and regulate your emotions to the current context.

People who are emotionally intelligent are able to emphasize first before they take things personally.

This is the main concept of the common saying “treat people how you would like to be treated”

You can best practice empathy by first pausing to process & then listening to fully understand how the other person is feeling. Once you have given the other person an opportunity you may appropriately react to information they have shared.

IWill Coaching Tips to help Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence :

1. Get to know yourself

Write down your hobbies, what you like & dislike , and what goals you are working towards routinely!

2. Learn your triggers

Recognizing the source of your emotions to shift your current state

3. Emphasize more with others

Connecting with people around you is important in growing your emotional intelligence.

4. Own your emotions

Emotions are very important factors especially when making decisions.

5. Listen to your intuition

Learn to process and channel your emotion in an way that benefits you and others in your environment.

While applying these to your daily lives remember to pause and be patient, your efforts will allow you to be more open minded and are the key to completely living in the present.

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