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Self Motivation !!

The initiative it takes to drive yourself to accomplish set goals and see results is your self-motivation. It is the main force, the "why", behind the results you are pursuing & the ability to transform areas of your life and reap positive outcomes. Self-Motivation stems from devotion and persistence, which are characteristics of long term success. The more clear cut you are on your focus, the easier it is to be consistent in your efforts in making your goal your reality. There are two types of motivation; intrinsic & extrinsic motivations. When you are seeking a goal with internal rewards, this is a base for intrinsic motivation. Examples of intrinsic motives would be setting a goal to become healthier, or to nurture more meaningful relationships. Extrinsic motivation is working to attain money or change of status. Self-Motivation will require a long duration of practice but it is a skill which is absolutely essential for success.

5 simple steps to help find your motivation: 1. Always have clear and precise goals. 2.Write down moments of your day that bring you joy! 3. Hold yourself accountable when you make excuses. Try to get to the root of the issue to eliminate the obstacle. 4. Incorporate gratitude in your morning routine to set your positive mindframe. 5. Do not be afraid to fail. Know that there is power in fear, and believe that you will attain the results you seek. How to practice Self-Motivation in your daily routines: 1. Take "20 seconds" to dedicate to yourself and highlight your strongest characteristics to build courage. 2. Plan small and consistent steps towards your goals. 3. Make sure to pause and reward yourself throughout the process! 4. Take a walk when you lack energy and need to boost your motivation. A short 30 minute walk can completely shift your perspective. 5. Check in with yourself once a week to evaluate your progress. 6. Maintain your sleep schedule ! Implementing these steps in your routine are sure to help eliminate procrastination, self-doubt, negative thoughts & strengthen your self-image, self esteem and keep showing you long term results.


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